The Yakima River Canyon boasts some the most unique terroir in the state of Washington, with significant slope for cold drainage and sun exposure, loamy soil with volcanic ash that adds minerality and complexity, and frequent winds that help to promote flavonoid development in the grape skins. The specific terroir of this site makes it possible to produce unique wines of the highest quality.

The vineyard was planted in 1998 and is the first commercial vineyard in Kittitas County. 5 acres are under vine, with 3 acres in Cabernet Franc, 1.5 in Riesling, and the remaining 0.5 in Malbec. All grapes here are on their own roots and managed with growing practices that keep the site's proximity to the blue-ribbon waters of the Yakima River in mind.

Come taste what makes Ellensburg Canyon so very special, and watch the grapes grow from our patio while enjoying stunning views of the Yakima River Canyon.