The Peavey Petit Verdot

2022 The Peavey Petit Verdot

In the wine business, Petit Verdot is often referred to by its initials, PV. Spoken aloud, PV comes out as peavey.  Lumberjacks have a tool called a peavey that they use to manipulate logs. With 50% new oak and all the boldness PV grapes are known for, it seemed a fitting way to refer to a big, robust red. 


Naming the Peavey was a little bit of stretch, but, since I own one, it can technically be found in the canyon. 

Technical Information

  • Alcohol: 14.2%
  • Appellation: Columbia Valley
  • Wine Type: Red
  • Varietal Petit Verdot
$28.00 / 750ml